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Think and Share: Boys watching girls’ shows. Girls watching boys’ shows.

playing with dolls

Yesterday, I read an article on io9 that described an interview with Paul Dini in which he lamented the corporate mandate to gear “boys’ shows” exclusively to young boys and their “goofy random humor” (original interview and a partial transcription).

Relevant bit:

It’s like, ‘We don’t want the girls because the girls won’t buy toys.’ We had a whole… we had a whole, a merchandise line for Tower Prep that they s***canned before it ever got off the launching pad, because it’s like, ‘Boys, boys, boys. Boys buy the little spinny tops, they but[sic] the action figures, girls buy princesses, we’re not selling princesses.'”

So what does this make you think about bronies? Their penchant for buying little pastel colored ponies? The nods that the creators have made towards this fandom? Why does it seem more difficult to go in the other direction, to make shows for boys that nod towards “girl stuff”?

Or to put a bit of an edge on the question: how come the girls’ show you love has four seasons, and the boys’ shows girls love have been canned?

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