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Open Topic: Music


So we have been discussing the fandom’s music production, particularly through Twitter and in our marathon study sessions at Starbucks. And we really just want to know what you guys think of fandom music, period. Here are some possible seeder questions (but as always, go wherever your heart desires):

  • What do you make of the wide range of production skill?
  • What qualities do you look for or value in music coming out of the fandom?
  • What brony music do you listen to? How do you find and listen to it (BronyTunes, Youtube, EQD, a Brony radio station, etc.)?
  • What do you think of the genres that fandom music tends to be made from? Why those?
  • How does it compare to other music you listen to? What else do you listen to?

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Open Topic: Pony fandom news

Rainbow Dash Newspaper

A lot of our posts begin with Kurt or me waxing poetic and describing something that we’ve observed and eliciting your responses to our ideas. We love writing those posts and we’ll keep doing them, but it’s still pretty top-down, which runs counter to the reason we started this blog. To remedy that, I want to start a series of posts that flips the script, so to speak. We’ll probably reply in our usual long-winded fashion, but we want to begin with¬†your observations¬†of a broad topic.

Today, it’s “pony fandom news.” Anything you can think of having to do with news in the fandom. Some seeder questions:

  • Where do you go?
  • What do you choose to follow?
  • Do you submit news yourself?
  • Who/what makes the news? (both in the sense of creating/writing news and being the topic of news)?
  • …and whatever else you can think of having to do with the topic.

Looking forward to the places you go. Also, please suggest new Open Topics!


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