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General Updates and OSU/IU Paper Link


It’s been a while since we’ve updated, but we’ve had a lot of pretty cool things going on that we’re really excited about and we’ve finally been able to start ourselves back up on a regular research/updating schedule again, which is also exciting for both of us. We’re planning to make regular weekly posts and updates on (/around) Mondays and include other posts as we get them.  I figured that I’d go ahead and use this post to announce what’s been going on while we’ve been off the radar

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RiM Interview Featured in Library of Congress Blog


Hello everyone,

Apologies for the lack of posts over the summer. Jason has had a wedding to plan and I’ve been out of town doing intensive language-study courses all summer while also trying to buy a house and it’s all gotten in the way of any sort of academic work we’ve hoped to do over break. However, Jason has a lot of good stuff from his visit to Bronycon and we’re both ready to get back to posting. Hopefully we’ll be around quite a bit more here in the near future.

Anyway, we are both happy to announce that an interview we did with Julia Fernandez for the Library of Congress’ blog “The Signal: Digital Preservation” is up and running on the LoC site. We’re incredibly excited, as many of our favorite internet scholars have given interviews for the blog as well. The post is a bit dense, as it is focusing on conducting research on the internet, and they sadly didn’t include the awesome pictures/gifs/memes we sent them, but we did our best to represent the fandom as best we could and tried to include links to some of our favorite Brony-related content. We certainly enjoyed writing it up and hope you enjoy it too.

Check out the post here and be sure to let us know what you think!

EDIT: Jason worked his magic and made an awesome bookmarklet that adds in the pictures we originally wanted. To view the post in it’s intended glory, go here and follow the instructions.

Interview with The Brony Study’s Dr. Patrick Edwards (a.k.a. Dr. Psych Ology): Part II


Welcome to Part II of our two part interview with Dr. Edwards. Here we move a bit more from the discussion of the fandom itself to a discussion of Dr. Edwards’ and The Brony Study’s history, covering topics such as Dr. Edwards’ background, how the members of the Brony Study became involved with the study, some of the current and future plans for The Brony Study, and (perhaps most importantly) Dr. Edwards’ fanfic-in-progress. We hope you enjoy the rest of the interview. Check it out and comment below the break!

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Interview with The Brony Study’s Dr. Patrick Edwards (a.k.a. Dr. Psych Ology): Part I

82juhUnfortunately, it’s been well over a month since we last posted and we’re still crazy busy with school. However we think we’re finally able to start posting again. Jason starts his first round of PhD exams tomorrow, so he will be super busy/brain dead for a while, but we’ve done some interesting stuff since our last post and are really excited to share it with you (hopefully you all find it interesting).

We’ll be going to a weekly posting schedule for the time being, just to be sure we don’t fall into another month of silence, so be sure to look for our posts on Thursdays! We’ll continue to respond to messages and comments throughout the week though.

For our first post back, we’re finally getting to share an interview we did with The Brony Study’s own Dr. Pat Edwards, who was kind enough to sit down with us for a lengthy chat (hopefully the first of many). We’ve begun some work on a collaborative project of sorts, which we’ll hopefully be able to drop on y’all real soonish. We conducted the interview back in February via Skype, but the quality of the recording was poor so we’ve posted a transcript (we are considering posting the audio to our YouTube. We’ll include the link on part II if we do). Special thanks to Celia, who painstakingly transcribed the interview for us since we were WAY too busy to do it (it’s a great first… and possibly last, judging by the stress it caused her… transcription).

So, without further ado, here’s the first part of the interview. Sorry it’s a bit “wall of text”-y… My computer is broken and it’s hard to do this on an iPad—we think there’s still a lot to enjoy though. Check it out and comment below the break! We’ll post the second half next week.


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[Video] 2014 Ray Browne Conference Presentation: Knowing How to Live/The Magic of Friendship

Sorry for slacking off on posting recently; we’ve both been super busy with teaching and schoolwork. Last weekend, however, we were able to travel to the Ray Browne Conference on Cultural and Critical Studies at Bowling Green State University, where we gave our first official presentation using the research we’ve been doing on this site. Overall, the presentation seemed to go very well; everyone seemed very interested and we got some good questions (and even a twitter shout out) at the end.

Unfortunately, our recorder died so we could not record the presentation at Bowling Green. However, we wanted to share it with you, so we’ve re-read and recorded the paper here and synced it with the powerpoint presentation. The presentation is posted below. We hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts/questions/concerns/etc.

So, without further ado, here is our 2014 Ray Browne presentation entitled “Learning How to Live/The Magic of Friendship: Ethnographic Methodology and the My Little Pony Fandom.”

Masculinity, Affect, and the Brony Everyday



After reading Kathleen Stewart’s book Ordinary Affects in the class that this study ultimately arose from, we’ve been very interested in the ways in which MLP and the Brony fandom influence and affect peoples’ daily lives. We caught up with Danny, whose earlier posts on this blog on these matters caught our attention, to talk about the ways in which being a brony has changed his outlook on life and served as a safe space to express emotion. We had to end the conversation a bit earlier that we would have liked to due to space and time concerns, but we are hoping to revisit for a Part 2 soon.

Check out the conversation below the break!

(D= Danny, J= Jason, K= Kurt)

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The Brony Study Needs You!


Hello everyone!

Sorry for the brief hiatus (at least we finally posted about the conference); things have been busy for both of us. We are wrapping up everything on a new post that should be published later tonight and we already have several cool things in the works for the very near future, including an upcoming interview with Dr. Patrick Edwards (a.k.a. Dr. Psych Ology, of Brony Study Fame).

In our earlier conversations, Dr. Edwards mentioned that The Brony Study has a new survey out, looking at the ways that being in the fandom has changed peoples’ lives, and asked that people try to get the word out to as many people as possible.

Here is what they say about the new survey:

We have launched a new survey entitled: How the Fandom has Changed my Life. We have received many questions concerning the impact (both positive and negative) of the fandom (and MLP:FiM) upon members of the fandom. This survey has been designed to help us answer these question. Please help us by completing the survey. In addition, please spread the word to other members of the fandom.

In addition to conducting the above mentioned ‘How The Fandom Has Changed My Life’ Survey, which will give us information about several general areas of the fan’s life (emotions, thoughts and behaviors). We have also established an email ([email protected]) where Bronies can send us more detailed and personalized descriptions of the impact that ‘being a Brony’ has had on their lives. These ‘personal stories’ (minus personal identification) will be used in our presentations and publications. Please consider taking the survey and then sharing with us your personal story.

The Brony Study team has done some interesting work with the fandom and have been huge advocates of bronies for quite a while now both in the academic world and at the cons and other events they have attended. They’ve been trying to change the (largely negative) ways that psychologists look at fandoms and showing the positive aspects of being a brony and this survey will help them back some of their observations up with some solid numbers (which are all-important in their particular sphere of psychology). If you have some time, take the survey, post your story (you know you want to… all the ones we have encountered are super interesting) and, most importantly, spread the word. They welcome anyone in the fandom to take their survey and are especially looking for people that are newer to the fandom (in order to help them balance out their sample).

You can find the survey at, or by visiting their site at

Thanks a lot!


Tag Blog: A Continuation of Kurt’s ‘Covers of Covers of Fan Content’

Tag Blog - Series 2
Tag Blog is an idea inspired by TAGJournal and Dr. Susan Lepselter at IU. We write blog entries about the My Little Pony fandom, then ask someone else in the community to write a follow-up and tag the next person in the chain. There are currently two concurrent series (Series 1 and Series 2). This is a guest post from Series 2 by Adam Sullivan (a.k.a. Harmonic Inferno) and follows “Covers of Covers of Fan Content” by Kurt .


A Continuation of Kurt’s ‘Covers of Covers of Fan Content’

By Adam Sullivan a.k.a. Harmonic Inferno ( Young Spark/ Winthrop University Rock Hill, SC)

After reading Kurt’s previous post several times over and not knowing how to continue on I had to think about what I should write about. It took a long 5 hours (well, not really 5 hours, but it felt like it!) of wall ball and talking to friends on Skype but it finally hit me: Talk about what I know best.


Being an activist for a few years now on my home blog, and now the more recent addition of Team Young Spark, this is the prime example of what we look for in that field. For those whom are unaware, arts activism is the act of pushing for continuation of an art or the arts in general. In my case I push for all arts from drawing and sketching to music and story writing so forth, nearly anything they can come up with. When I say nearly anything, I mean anything. The brony community is known for its artistic creations, good and bad. We have a lot of people whom are very creative and can create a lot of stuff out of almost nothing. This group of artists range from fan music, creating new stories from show characters and drawing their favorite ponies to creating pony themed meals, dance routines and even laser light shows based on the show.

m_a_laserson_by_laserpon3-d5x5z6w copy

The people in this fandom are very creative, and as I stated before the creations range in variety and quality. I love the meme that Kurt posted about the non-brony hearing “pony-step” and think it was professionally done because sometimes that is the case. The “actual” DJ-Pon3 (not Vinyl, though she is good too!) is a professional DJ. He was before the herd and used the herd to hone his craft to then propel his talent.


The same can be stated about Gabe Newell and Markus “Notch” Persson (creators of Half Life and Minecraft respectively), both being professional game designers and bronies. Stephen Colbert, actor and the host of The Colbert Report amongst other shows, is also considered (or was, depending on how you prefer to look at his mentions to the herd) to be a brony.

9108 - crossover parody The_Colbert_Report

The point I’m trying to get at is we need more people whom are famous and are bronies to help the younger ones try out what they want to try out. The way I personally perceive “the herd” is a plethora of people that create a very unique community that encourages arts and creativity.


People who want to experiment with being an animator can talk to other bronies and create this autonomous feeling of “comfort” and “compatibility” without the fear of rejection. We like to help others when we can because we know what it is like to need help. It also creates a perfect place for those whom want to learn other talents can find peace in doing so, as the case with myself. I am a musician and composer by trade but I’ve always wanting to get into animation and film editing among many other things. This group of people have shown me how to analyze cartoons on writing, form, voicing, development, and so on, not to mention basic foley. With these tools, I could go about making my own show if I wanted to or give back to anyone who wants to know the information. This is why I mentioned the previously mentioned people, we need them to come in and help share their knowledge from their level of craftsmanship. It would create an atmosphere for the arts that would be hard to beat and would create a positive influence into the community as a whole.

The Anatomy of a Trolling



We had a particularly drawn out trolling incident show up on our twitter feed a few days ago that we decided could be an interesting source for discussion. Luckily, we were able to catch up with Adam Sullivan (aka Harmonic Inferno), who runs Adam Sullivan’s Music Theory Blog; and has helped start Team Young Spark, and he was willing to talk to us. The post covers such things as the trolling incident on his twitter account , “pandering” to the fandom within MLP:FiM, media ideologies, and fedoras. Check it out below the break!

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Anthology 3 Viewing Party: Thursday 01/09 at 8:00 PM EST

Ponies the Anthology 3

Hello Everypony!

After looking at the poll results, we’ve decided to have our viewing party for PONIES The Anthology 3 this Thursday, 9 January at 8:00 PM (EST). So come join us, bring friends (or acquaintances, or cats that like to romp around on keyboards… we’re not picky), and enjoy a lifestream of an awesome video that is jam-packed with the work of many incredibly talented members of the fandom. We’ll provide the link and post the conversation (all of them this time…) on the blog. It should be a fun time.

As with last time, we’ll post a link here a little while before we start streaming. If you happen to happen to be around Bloomington, IN and own a decent pack of sled dogs, hit us up and we can let you know where the two of us are watching—we could be doubly co-present or something.

So yeah: Anthology 3… Thursday… 8:00 PM EST… We’ll Post the link here. Hope you can make it!