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It’s been a while since we’ve updated, but we’ve had a lot of pretty cool things going on that we’re really excited about and we’ve finally been able to start ourselves back up on a regular research/updating schedule again, which is also exciting for both of us. We’re planning to make regular weekly posts and updates on (/around) Mondays and include other posts as we get them.  I figured that I’d go ahead and use this post to announce what’s been going on while we’ve been off the radar

As far as general updates go, I am back in Indiana, finishing up a move into a new house and still teaching and working on my Ph.D. Jason is now married and has moved off to London, so be on the lookout for him, UK bronies.



We both realized that we never posted the paper we gave at the OSU/IU conference a few months ago. We wanted to finish up the last little section and do something fancy and less boring with it, but it is so late in the game that we decided to post the link to the paper itself, which is entitled “‘Resistance is futile, hugs inevitable’: Discourses of Resistance in the My Little Pony Fandom.”  You can find it HERE. We’re thinking about eventually submitting the paper for publication, so the paper may change as we start doing all the work for that.

A panel we planned on online communities has also been accepted to present at the American Folklore Society in November. It should be an fun panel and will include our paper, another on people creating academic spaces online, and a paper by Dom (who has been on this site before).  We’ll be posting the abstract within the next couple of days for that. We’ll be sure to record the panel and post it here when we give it (much quicker than last time).

We’ve also been making plans for a few upcoming appearances, including a feature on an upcoming radio broadcast about the fandom and an upcoming guest appearance on the Lunar Echoes podcast. We’ll be sure to post more info as these things unfold in the near future.



Additionally, we were recently informed that both the first and second parts of our interview with Dr. Edwards have been translated into Russian for! If your Russian is better than ours is, you can check them out here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). Thanks to Nirton both in his help translating and editing and for letting us know that we made it on the site.



Finally, we’ve been hard at work at a few of our other fandom-related projects. Our fandom research hub is really shaping up and was given a soft-unveiling through our Twitter account. We’ll continue to work on it a bit more and get it really looking nice in time for papers this semester. Jason’s also working on a project that, while we’re still keeping it under wraps for the time being, we’re both really excited about.

Thanks for stopping back by. We’re looking forward to being around more now that things have finally calmed down a bit—just in time for Rainbow Rocks and the beginnings of the new season (hopefully coming sooner than later).


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    1. In some social science fields like anthro, you have to do a period of long term fieldwork, after which you write your dissertation. Because of the multi-sited nature of my research on overseas Vietnamese groups, that’s all been a little bit blended, but I’m still working with multiple different communities in the U.S. and in Europe while living in London, under the auspices of being a researcher affiliated with IU. Some of it is convenience (my wife’s job is here) and some of it is research-oriented (Viet communities in Europe have a unique trajectory compared to the US).

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