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Bronycon Retrospective: A Preview

Hi everyone, it’s Jason here!

A bunch of things have changed in my life since I last wrote a full post on the blog: I passed my PhD qualifying exams for both departments I’m in (Communication & Culture and Folklore & Ethnomusicology), I got married, and I moved to London where my wife is currently working and where I’ll continue my research both on bronies and on the Vietnamese diaspora. Whew!

Yeah, it was just like this, but with more bhangra

I have a bunch of things I want to say about Bronycon that I’ll be going into in more depth over the following weeks, but Kurt and I thought it would be good to use this week’s last week’s belated update to hit the highlights and preview some of my analysis and give you a sense of what’s coming. Anybody with thoughts on any of the things I touch on today should totally email us or comment below as it will probably make its way into my analysis.

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General Updates and OSU/IU Paper Link


It’s been a while since we’ve updated, but we’ve had a lot of pretty cool things going on that we’re really excited about and we’ve finally been able to start ourselves back up on a regular research/updating schedule again, which is also exciting for both of us. We’re planning to make regular weekly posts and updates on (/around) Mondays and include other posts as we get them.  I figured that I’d go ahead and use this post to announce what’s been going on while we’ve been off the radar

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