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What sort of group are bronies?

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by Jason R. Nguyen

Kurt and I have worked with this community for about six months now, and one of the questions that is most interesting to me from a scholarly perspective is what exactly to consider the unit of analysis and its boundaries: what is the configuration of human beings that we are trying to understand and who gets included or excluded? In the scholarship in my area—cultural anthropology and sociological theory figure most prominently, though my influences reach across disciplines—there have been a number of different ways of defining groupings of people and how one might study them: the ones I’m going to pay the most attention to today are public, cohort, and community. I’d like to continue with a few more next week: fandoms, networks, and networked publics.


Each word has a slightly different history and means something slightly different, providing strengths and weaknesses in terms of what it can describe and what sorts of connections and bonds it can make sense of. I hope showing you a little bit of these scholarly perspectives and how bronies can be considered as representative of each can give you some sense of why the fandom is so interesting to me!

So without further ado…

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Interview with The Brony Study’s Dr. Patrick Edwards (a.k.a. Dr. Psych Ology): Part II


Welcome to Part II of our two part interview with Dr. Edwards. Here we move a bit more from the discussion of the fandom itself to a discussion of Dr. Edwards’ and The Brony Study’s history, covering topics such as Dr. Edwards’ background, how the members of the Brony Study became involved with the study, some of the current and future plans for The Brony Study, and (perhaps most importantly) Dr. Edwards’ fanfic-in-progress. We hope you enjoy the rest of the interview. Check it out and comment below the break!

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Interview with The Brony Study’s Dr. Patrick Edwards (a.k.a. Dr. Psych Ology): Part I

82juhUnfortunately, it’s been well over a month since we last posted and we’re still crazy busy with school. However we think we’re finally able to start posting again. Jason starts his first round of PhD exams tomorrow, so he will be super busy/brain dead for a while, but we’ve done some interesting stuff since our last post and are really excited to share it with you (hopefully you all find it interesting).

We’ll be going to a weekly posting schedule for the time being, just to be sure we don’t fall into another month of silence, so be sure to look for our posts on Thursdays! We’ll continue to respond to messages and comments throughout the week though.

For our first post back, we’re finally getting to share an interview we did with The Brony Study’s own Dr. Pat Edwards, who was kind enough to sit down with us for a lengthy chat (hopefully the first of many). We’ve begun some work on a collaborative project of sorts, which we’ll hopefully be able to drop on y’all real soonish. We conducted the interview back in February via Skype, but the quality of the recording was poor so we’ve posted a transcript (we are considering posting the audio to our YouTube. We’ll include the link on part II if we do). Special thanks to Celia, who painstakingly transcribed the interview for us since we were WAY too busy to do it (it’s a great first… and possibly last, judging by the stress it caused her… transcription).

So, without further ado, here’s the first part of the interview. Sorry it’s a bit “wall of text”-y… My computer is broken and it’s hard to do this on an iPad—we think there’s still a lot to enjoy though. Check it out and comment below the break! We’ll post the second half next week.


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