Tag Blog: A Continuation of Kurt’s ‘Covers of Covers of Fan Content’

Tag Blog - Series 2
Tag Blog is an idea inspired by TAGJournal and Dr. Susan Lepselter at IU. We write blog entries about the My Little Pony fandom, then ask someone else in the community to write a follow-up and tag the next person in the chain. There are currently two concurrent series (Series 1 and Series 2). This is a guest post from Series 2 by Adam Sullivan (a.k.a. Harmonic Inferno) and follows “Covers of Covers of Fan Content” by Kurt .


A Continuation of Kurt’s ‘Covers of Covers of Fan Content’

By Adam Sullivan a.k.a. Harmonic Inferno (Sulliadm.blogspot.com/Team Young Spark/ Winthrop University Rock Hill, SC)

After reading Kurt’s previous post several times over and not knowing how to continue on I had to think about what I should write about. It took a long 5 hours (well, not really 5 hours, but it felt like it!) of wall ball and talking to friends on Skype but it finally hit me: Talk about what I know best.


Being an activist for a few years now on my home blog, and now the more recent addition of Team Young Spark, this is the prime example of what we look for in that field. For those whom are unaware, arts activism is the act of pushing for continuation of an art or the arts in general. In my case I push for all arts from drawing and sketching to music and story writing so forth, nearly anything they can come up with. When I say nearly anything, I mean anything. The brony community is known for its artistic creations, good and bad. We have a lot of people whom are very creative and can create a lot of stuff out of almost nothing. This group of artists range from fan music, creating new stories from show characters and drawing their favorite ponies to creating pony themed meals, dance routines and even laser light shows based on the show.

m_a_laserson_by_laserpon3-d5x5z6w copy

The people in this fandom are very creative, and as I stated before the creations range in variety and quality. I love the meme that Kurt posted about the non-brony hearing “pony-step” and think it was professionally done because sometimes that is the case. The “actual” DJ-Pon3 (not Vinyl, though she is good too!) is a professional DJ. He was before the herd and used the herd to hone his craft to then propel his talent.


The same can be stated about Gabe Newell and Markus “Notch” Persson (creators of Half Life and Minecraft respectively), both being professional game designers and bronies. Stephen Colbert, actor and the host of The Colbert Report amongst other shows, is also considered (or was, depending on how you prefer to look at his mentions to the herd) to be a brony.

9108 - crossover parody The_Colbert_Report

The point I’m trying to get at is we need more people whom are famous and are bronies to help the younger ones try out what they want to try out. The way I personally perceive “the herd” is a plethora of people that create a very unique community that encourages arts and creativity.


People who want to experiment with being an animator can talk to other bronies and create this autonomous feeling of “comfort” and “compatibility” without the fear of rejection. We like to help others when we can because we know what it is like to need help. It also creates a perfect place for those whom want to learn other talents can find peace in doing so, as the case with myself. I am a musician and composer by trade but I’ve always wanting to get into animation and film editing among many other things. This group of people have shown me how to analyze cartoons on writing, form, voicing, development, and so on, not to mention basic foley. With these tools, I could go about making my own show if I wanted to or give back to anyone who wants to know the information. This is why I mentioned the previously mentioned people, we need them to come in and help share their knowledge from their level of craftsmanship. It would create an atmosphere for the arts that would be hard to beat and would create a positive influence into the community as a whole.

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