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So we have been discussing the fandom’s music production, particularly through Twitter and in our marathon study sessions at Starbucks. And we really just want to know what you guys think of fandom music, period. Here are some possible seeder questions (but as always, go wherever your heart desires):

  • What do you make of the wide range of production skill?
  • What qualities do you look for or value in music coming out of the fandom?
  • What brony music do you listen to? How do you find and listen to it (BronyTunes, Youtube, EQD, a Brony radio station, etc.)?
  • What do you think of the genres that fandom music tends to be made from? Why those?
  • How does it compare to other music you listen to? What else do you listen to?

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3 thoughts on “Open Topic: Music

  1. 1. General Mumble once said that the best thing about the brony music community is everyone’s willingness to teach and learn from the other musicians. As he put it while thinking back to his early music years; The more well-knowns were teaching the lesser-knowns, and at the same the more well known’s were learning new things from the lesser-knowns. Everyone of all skill levels coming together to help eachother get better at music really defines the Brony musician community as a whole =)

    2. Effort. I don’t care what genre something is, or even how skilled the musician is. I love seeing musicians who poor their heart and soul into creating music for the fandom, because they genuinely love the show, and genuinely love making enjoyable music.

    3. I like all music, whatever the genre. I don’t like being confined by what style and genre a song or band may be grouped into. I go by “if it sounds good to me. then I like it”, and honestly, most stuff sounds good to me XD
    I get my brony music on most social networks by finding and subscribing/following/watching any brony musicians I can find, and by following of course all the brony networks like EQD and EFN to see what everyone else is listening to X3 Surprisingly, I’ve found a lot of amazing musicians by just going onto chatrooms and asking “SO WHO HERE MAKES PONY MUSIC?” 8D

    4. Often music can be heavily confined by genres. IE: Rock music is rock, Hip Hop is Hip Hop, Rap is rap, etc… and for the most part bouncing and crossing between genres is frowned upon in the music industry. However, while Brony music has genres too, it is ALL still considered brony music. Whether EDM, Rap, Country, Chant, etc… we still all group it under one banner. Brony music has actually introduced me to a lot of music I never knew I liked, such as Rap and Dubstep, so I never really have considered what genres individual brony musicians or songs fit into. Its all brony music to me, and for the most part, its very enjoyable =)

    5. Before I found brony music, I listened (and still listen to) a LOT of Adam Young (AKA: Owl City, Port Blue, Sky Sailing, etc…), Relient k, Newsboys, Switchfoot, Gordon Lightfoot, KJ-52, Phil Collins, Rush, and tons of other musicians of all different genres. Compared to the ones I mentioned, of course brony music isn’t going to compare quality-wise, but there is a reason Brony music has invaded all my playlists to the point where I barely listen to anything BUT Brony music anymore, and that is HEART. These people just LOVE My Little Pony, and want to express that in song, and that love for the subject matter and genuine feeling the music gives off is just what draws me to Brony music so much.

    Lets just put it this way, It was listening to a young Adam Young creating amazing emotional music under all his project names, and just making it big with Owl City at the time, that inspired me to start singing myself. I have been captivated by the heart and soul he puts into his music for years, and that is EXACTLY the feeling I experienced again when I discovered Brony music for the first time about 2 and a half months ago. So much that It inspired me to not only sing, but for the first time write my own lyrics, and create my own music.

    My Little Pony captivated me when I discovered it in late October, but it was the Brony Music that caused me to dive right into the community and fully experience Brony culture, it was when I discovered brony music that I decided I wanted to be a brony too =)

    Congratulations if you made it through this post, have a cookie X3

    1. Hey FritzyBeat!

      Thanks for the comment, you bring up a lot of very interesting things. I’ve definitely enjoyed listening to your music during these past few months. I’ve heard to your cover of “The Smile Song” many times and you other songs have come up a few times as I’ve been poking around the music scene. I can definitely hear the Adam Young influences in the songs you’ve made.

      I’m most curious, at the moment, in the ways that musicians are helping each other in the fandom. I hear people talk about it a lot, and I certainly see it (along with a TON of interesting collabs), but I’d love to hear more about it. Where/how is this education taking place? What sites are people going to in order to talk to each other? Are there specific places that newer musicians tend to go in order to get help, or is it more that they will reach out to more established musicians personally?

      I think it is amazing how tight-knit the music community can be—especially because releasing your own art and music (especially on the internet, where people can be super-critical) can be downright terrifying. I’d love to know more about how and where it happens.

  2. 1) What do you make of the wide range of production skill?

    Probably just advertising my ignorance here but I haven’t noticed any songs that stand out as particularly poor quality or overly simplistic. I have heard a few that I didn’t care for, but I attribute that more to stylistic traits than production quality. I’m sure that more musically educated people have a better ear for such things.

    2) What qualities do you look for or value in music coming out of the fandom?

    I look for pretty much the same thing I look to in all my music: I want it to be fun or happy. I appreciate the effort that people put into this stuff, not only in terms of work hours but the raw emotional power they infuse into the works. I’ve heard things that are ridiculously uplifting while others are crushingly sad and I find that very impressive. I tend to go for pieces with lyrics because lyrics have always been really important to me, and I like for music to make me happy instead of sad, so I gravitate to uplifting lyrical songs most.

    3) What brony music do you listen to? How do you find and listen to it?

    Does music from the show count or are we only talking original fanmade stuff? I only started watching the show right at the very end of season 3, and in the beginning I was really skittish about venturing too far out into the fandom because I wasn’t sure what I would find. To that end most of what I have are songs directly from the show or remixes of songs from the show. I got most of them off of youtube download links. Recently I’ve grown more comfortable exploring and I’ve begun to gather more fanmade stuff that EQD features. I’ve enjoyed stuff from Forest Rain, Black Gryph0n, and Aviators in particular.

    4) What do you think of the genres that fandom music tends to be made from? Why those?

    Genre doesn’t matter to me as much as the songs themselves do. If a song is good (to me) I enjoy it, regardless of what genre it falls under. It does seem that most fandom music is electronic in nature. I’m going to once again advertise my ignorance and lump it all into ‘techno’ because I’m super fuzzy on all the little subgenres. I think it’s due to economics more than anything else because most brony musicians are young and money is tight. Music software is cheap (or free) and everyone today has a computer anyway, so it’s far more affordable than buying an instrument and recording equipment. At the risk of ruffling feathers, it may also be easier to learn to use software than it is to learn an instrument to the level required to make high quality music.

    5) How does it compare to other music you listen to? What else do you listen to?

    I listen to a little bit of everything honestly, though primarily pop and rock stuff from the 70’s-90’s. lately I’ve been hitting the 80’s harder and drawing away from the 70’s, but I’ve also been expanding into current musicians and really enjoying some new stuff because it’s just plain fun to listen to. I’ve been a Boston fan since I was in high school, and just a year or so ago I saw Journey on tour with Foreigner. A few months before that I saw Def Leopard perform with Heart. I’ve also been big into Owl City recently, and I’ve really enjoyed stuff from Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Taio Cruz.

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