Anthology 3 Viewing Party: Thursday 01/09 at 8:00 PM EST

Ponies the Anthology 3

Hello Everypony!

After looking at the poll results, we’ve decided to have our viewing party for PONIES The Anthology 3 this Thursday, 9 January at 8:00 PM (EST). So come join us, bring friends (or acquaintances, or cats that like to romp around on keyboards… we’re not picky), and enjoy a lifestream of an awesome video that is jam-packed with the work of many incredibly talented members of the fandom. We’ll provide the link and post the conversation (all of them this time…) on the blog. It should be a fun time.

As with last time, we’ll post a link here a little while before we start streaming. If you happen to happen to be around Bloomington, IN and own a decent pack of sled dogs, hit us up and we can let you know where the two of us are watching—we could be doubly co-present or something.

So yeah: Anthology 3… Thursday… 8:00 PM EST… We’ll Post the link here. Hope you can make it!


2 thoughts on “Anthology 3 Viewing Party: Thursday 01/09 at 8:00 PM EST

  1. Excellent.
    Can’t wait to spout random thoughts as fast as my fingers can type.
    I liked this one more than the second one (but not as much as the first one) so I can’t wait to watch it again.

    1. I’m excited about this one… I really enjoyed it when I first watched and have been wanting to watch it again for a while now. It will certainly be a tough one to keep up with though… my fingers can only type so fast.

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