Woohoo! IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval achieved!

Jason spent at least 15 minutes he could have been grading on this.

Great news everyone! Indiana University’s Institutional Review Board, which helps to insure that “human subjects” are not abused in some way during academic research, has accepted our application. That means that this blog is now “officially” an academic social research study, and it even gets an official study number at Indiana University.

Up until that point, we were primarily doing our due diligence by making sure all posters/commenters were aware of the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License we covered the blog under. Very little is changing for you, except maybe you can trust us a little bit more as a legitimate research project (ROFL!). Still, it’s a pretty big deal for us and we wanted to celebrate with y’all. It’s also been important to us that we make the academic world as transparent as possible to contributors and visitors, so this post continues along that path.

Party Time! (Okay, not really. We’re freakin’ out about finals over here!)



Jason and Kurt

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