Watching Equestria Girls: Thursday, December 5th at 8:30pm EST

Okay, we’ve got a confession to make: neither of us have seen Equestria Girls yet.

We’re planning to remedy this situation though and we thought that it might be a good opportunity to interact with everypony in real time.

Here’s what we’re imagining. We’re planning on watching it this Thursday, 5 December at 8:30pm (EST) and we’d like you to join us in a viewing/discussion if you are interested. On Thursday at showtime, we’ll post a link on this post to the video through Sync-YouTube, which will allow anyone tuning in to watch the show in sync with us and talk about it with their chat feature. We will then talk about the movie and whatever else comes up and post the discussion to the blog.

We’d love it if you would join us! (Leave a comment if you’re planning on do so!)


Jason and Kurt

5 thoughts on “Watching Equestria Girls: Thursday, December 5th at 8:30pm EST

  1. I’d show up just for the movie, but if you wanna throw a discussion in the mix too how can I possibly refuse? See you gents on Thursday.

      1. For real… If people don’t join, it’ll just be Jason and I chatting with each other about the show/dinner/the philosophy of C.S. Peirce. Ain’t no one want that. More people means better conversation and more fun had by all and fewer specific Peirce references (he is pretty cool though) and other sidetracked conversations we may get into, lol

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