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A lot of our posts begin with Kurt or me waxing poetic and describing something that we’ve observed and eliciting your responses to our ideas. We love writing those posts and we’ll keep doing them, but it’s still pretty top-down, which runs counter to the reason we started this blog. To remedy that, I want to start a series of posts that flips the script, so to speak. We’ll probably reply in our usual long-winded fashion, but we want to begin with your observations of a broad topic.

Today, it’s “pony fandom news.” Anything you can think of having to do with news in the fandom. Some seeder questions:

  • Where do you go?
  • What do you choose to follow?
  • Do you submit news yourself?
  • Who/what makes the news? (both in the sense of creating/writing news and being the topic of news)?
  • …and whatever else you can think of having to do with the topic.

Looking forward to the places you go. Also, please suggest new Open Topics!


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9 thoughts on “Open Topic: Pony fandom news

  1. I get my news primarily from Equestria Daily. Maybe while browsing Derpibooru I’ll come across some bit of new info, but if it doesn’t have a source, I won’t consider it legitimate unless I see it on EqD.

    I mostly follow news pertaining to new merch, the comics, and the show itself. Since I haven’t done anything newsworthy, I don’t make news nor do I stumble across things that should be considered news.

    Now as for what makes news, it really depends on what’s going on. Usually it’s something the staff is up to, or a voice actor is doing. Sometimes there’s new info from uber-popular musicians and artists.

    Really, what constitutes as “news” outside of information about the show itself and the comics is “Something you might be interested in”. I’m already following most of the big artists and as for the musicians, I dislike nearly all the big names (mostly just because they don’t work in a genre I like), so I tend to ignore that. New info on big fanfics count as well towards “something you might be interested in”. I don’t read many of those (mostly it’s a time issue).

    With some of these things, I get a little tired of seeing the same names flung around. I may not have cared in general for some of them, but just seeing them being mentioned over and over again has turned that apathy into wrath. But whatever.

    So yeah, that’s my take on “news” aka “things you might like”. I get it filtered through other sites because I’m not actively looking for it before them.

    1. Yeah, the way you talk about fan work is interesting. There’s a certain politics of visibility that goes along with being a big name in the fandom because of your creative work. On some level (tied to corporate control over their intellectual properties), if you aren’t officially sanctioned by Hasbro, you’re on equal ground with everyone else. And yet, you’re getting at the fact that the ground is never entirely equal–that all kinds of different factors make certain figures “famous” and “semi-official.” Different factors tied to their skill, financial resources, social networks, etc. make them SEEN. When those are things you like, it’s news to you. When they’re not…they’re just kinda annoying.

  2. My main source is Equestria Daily, as it’s a great hub for news about the show, conventions, art, music, comics, merchandise, etc. I don’t follow any other websites because EqD does a great job of collecting everything I’m looking for, and I barely have time to keep up with just their posts, let alone others! About the only thing I ever submit to EqD is new merchandise I come across in my local Hot Topic that I haven’t seen on the site yet. Which is relatively rare, since my local Hot Topic seems to get new items well after everyone else, if at all. >:(

    That said, I do get some news-like stuff from various official and semi-official social media accounts. Twitter is my main one, and I follow @MyLittlePony, some show staff (Meghan McCarthy, Jayson Thiessen, and Daniel Ingram), and some official fandom accounts (@BronyCon, @BigApplePonyCon, Brony Thank You Fund, and of course @ResearchIsMagic). I hate Facebook, but I occasionally peek at EnterPLAY’s FB page for trading card news, since they don’t seem to post anywhere else.

    I also follow a number of fandom artists on DeviantArt and check there regularly. This is near the edge of what probably qualifies as “news” unless we mean it in the broadest sense.

    1. Yeah, maybe news is not even what I was looking at, per se. I was moreso just thinking about ways people socialize in fandoms–especially people who are not actively creating stuff but are otherwise invested and interesting in what’s happening around them (I’m of the mind that we’re always creating something through our input and the interpretations that we put into the world, but of course that’s a slightly different meaning of “create” than what most people in the fandom mean by it).

      As part of the Transformers fandom myself, I know a lot of our activity as fans (in that context) is filtered through the constant trickle of news about the toys and related properties. Creative work is present and enjoyed, but it almost always exists in a subforum or something else away from “official news.” The MLP fandom is the first I’ve seen where things made by fans are really brought to the foreground in a way that is equal or nearly equal to the official product itself. Equestria Daily has categories for different sorts of news, but I think it’s interesting that for someone who first goes to the site and isn’t looking for anything in particular, you’ll be shown–from a structural, layout-oriented perspective–fan works on equal billing with official work (indeed, by volume, it outstrips official work by far). That’s not how every fandom works.

      1. Interesting. Though MLP:FiM isn’t the first thing I’ve been a rabid fan of, it’s the first where I’ve been at all active in the fandom, so I didn’t have the perspective for that to strike me as unusual. But I’m glad it’s the case. I feel like an awful lot of news about anything “official” is leaks which contain spoilers, and I’m someone who detests even the most minor spoilers.

        I credit the editors of EqD and the other sites with their editorial work, too. As you say, the volume of fan work from bronies is tremendous. If it were all to be presented, it’d have to be separated out or everything else would be lost in the flood. Their time and effort to curate that material is what both limits it to a quantity that can be integrated into these news feeds and ensures it’s of a quality that’s worth the time to view it.

  3. While I have been consistently impressed with fanmade materials, I don’t really go very far to seek it out. I pop into EQD every few days and look at all the comics and drawfriend posts. I check the nightly roundups for a broad news overview. When there is an occasional cosplay post or craftworks post, I’ll check those out too. I’ve found that most of the music produced isn’t my usual style so I don’t check too deeply into that.

    I also visit My Little Brony because I like memes and I like ponies, it follows that I enjoy memes about ponies.

    My primary means of connection to the community and its content is actually through Facebook. I participate in a few brony groups and the members there are pretty good about finding really cool stuff and linking to it. I’ve read a few fanfics based off of recommendations on FB, and they keep me pretty well supplied with movies and comics that I may not have otherwise seen. The only drawback to any of this that I can think of is that when something goes viral and you don’t care for it, there’s no escape from it. Lemme give an example. I appreciate that Twilight’s scepter was a clever joke, and I can appreciate it for what it is. The fandom has taken this 3-second joke and pretty much everything in the last 2 weeks has been about it.

  4. Oh! When I sit down to do work at my computer sometimes I’ll go to EverFree Radio and listen to pony music. They have a voting system so most of the songs that are played are those that are generally appreciated by the fans. It’s a good supplement to my friends on FB. They link good music when they find it too.

  5. I tend to use Equestria Daily a lot because I like seeing the news as well as generally good art, fan fiction, comics, and other miscellaneous stuff I might be interested in. I don’t go around looking at everything pony related because I often don’t have the time or the knowledge of where lots of stuff is. It’s generally fairly reliable and highlights some pretty good fan work or tangentially pony related stuff which I enjoy too.

    I have branched out quite a bit though since EQD has gotten a little bit more youtube like when it comes to its comments >.>. I’m not too much of a social media guru but I have finally gotten a twitter and started following a bunch of pony and non-pony people as well. Because of that I’ve learned some new stuff about pony “celebrities” and also found some alternate sites to get some content, news, and even opinions like everfree network and derpy hooves news.

    I have tried submitting some news or spotting what I thought was new merchandiose every once in a while and I think I probably contributed to things getting posted, but probably not the first person to share the news.

    As for what makes the news, it’s usually news related to the show itself or at the very least related to people who make the shows (Like Luaren Faust or even some of the voice actors). It sometimes goes into the territory of other shows like Littlest Pet Shop or Wander Over Yonder. The news can be something as simple as when information about upcoming episodes or seasons are hinted at and as broad as clear or even possible references to the show or the brony community in other media. Fandom drama is sometimes news but is usually avoided to be discussed “officially” on larger “pony media” services unless it becomes a fairly major issue like the Derpy fiasco or even stupid Equestria Girls or Twilacorn drama.

  6. I spend more time on FIMFiction than anywhere else. I’m a writer and I have a small following of folks who enjoy my work. When I’m not writing or editing, I like digging through the site for unnoticed stories, critiquing them and giving the author feedback where it might have otherwise gone unnoticed. And every once in a while, it actually turns out to be a really good undiscovered story and I blog about it to those who follow me. I also keep an eye on my favourite authors by following them, and I like replying to comments on my own stories as well while I’m on there. I make sure to keep an eye on group discussions and help out others with writing problems when I feel my perspective on the subject can be of assistance.

    I also get news from EqD to see new episode stuff/nightly roundups/music/visual art/PMVs. I get my fanfic fix from FiMFiction. Often there’s better stuff to read on FiMFiction than EqD, but you just have to be willing to slog through the mires of poorly written stuff to reach it. EqD is good as a gateway to the fandom, and seeing a fanfic on there inspired me to start writing again. But I’d find it hard to just be content with what they present currently. I used them as a springboard to dive into FIMFiction, You Tube, and Deviant Art to find the artists that I really enjoyed and appreciated. Talking/interacting with those artists is nothing short of inspirational and I think that ease of interaction with the content creators in this fandom is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects I have seen to date. I love taking part in it.

    I am also part of a group on Facebook of bronies in my local area, just in case I ever want to join them in a group activities. But my relative anti-social side has always kept me from going out of my way to actually go to one of the meetups. Maybe I’ll see if any of them are going to BronyCon in the summer and tag along with them.

    So yeah, that’s how I spend most of my days in this community and where I get my news from.

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