Kurt also takes horrifying stabs at fan art

Never one to be out-participated or observed, I’ve also been taking my own chances with fan content. I was hoping to get a chance to do this yesterday, but I was running around all day doing exciting and Christmas-y things. I suppose you can consider it a Boxing Day gift, if you would like.

So, without further ado, I present my (incredibly) humble version of “The Heart Carol” from the episode “Hearth’s Warming Eve” (Se 2 Ep 11).

I felt inclined to do this song because of the holiday theme. I might go off into more fun/adventurous places and songs in the future. The SATB arrangement was done by Reedmace Star (Posted to Everypony Sings). I performed it all on alto saxophone (the bass was recorded with an 8vb filter, because my tenor is packed away in the other room and I didn’t feel like transposing. This is why it sounds so filtered). Everything but the bass part was done in one take (my transposing chops are really rusty), hence the suckitude in some places.

So… there you have it. My attempt at a fan art. Happy holidays and Happy New Year to you all!



***I’ve been thinking about doing a cover of “Smile” lately… What do you think of a full version of the song in this vein?***

6 thoughts on “Kurt also takes horrifying stabs at fan art

    1. Thankya, Diceman! Much appreciated. I keep trying to think of something to put some time and effort into to make a decent recording, but can’t seem to be able to decide on one to commit to. SO. MANY. CHOICES.

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