Jason’s horrifying stab at fanart #scootaroids

Here at Research is Magic, we take the ethnographic methodology called “participant-observation” really seriously. REALLY seriously. And what better way to start participating in the fandom’s favorite past-times than to draw something.

So here it is, a team-up between Saddle Rager from “Power Ponies” and an RiM inside joke, Scootaroids — based on the gag scene in “Flight to the Finish” with the CMC and the roided up character “Snowflake.”


I fudged the background and just grabbed a vector based on show environments. The actual ponies are all me though.

You’re welcome. I think?


3 thoughts on “Jason’s horrifying stab at fanart #scootaroids

      1. On a scale of 1-10, I’d rank it as So. Awesome. /)^3^(\

        Sorry, had to find an excuse to use that emoticon face.

        In all honesty, I think you should really run with this as far as it’ll go. Heck, if you can get at least one piece of fan-art produced from someone outside the project you could sneak that in as a tidbit come presentation time.

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