Equestria Girls Viewing Party Thoughts & Transcript


It was a while ago, but we had a lot of fun watching Equestria Girls with the folks who came out. It’s interesting to see how each of us performs and indexes different parts of our identities in the sorts of references we make. A few shout-outs:

  • Danny, you are a freakin’ encyclopedia of MLP trivia.
  • Benjamin, MC Hammer and Dragon Ball refs? It’s like we just pulled you out of the ’90s with your Starter jacket and backwards cap.
  • Diceman, without you we would have missed the closing Derp.
  • Dom, don’t ever stop shipping Scootadash.

Also, sorry folks, the transcript of the first 25 minutes or so got lost, unfortunately. The following starts from when Twilight goes to the library onwards…intermittent screenshots should give you some sense of where we are.

Check it out after the jump.

Chat Transcript

21:06:32 ~Danny also cut the CMC scene here
21:06:44 ~Ben Turner Wow, they just cut everything hysterical, huh?
21:06:55 ~Ben Turner When you’re a younger CLICK. (Yes, next word was “pony”.)Clipboard01
21:07:38 ~Dom Sweetie Bell is Rebecca Black
21:07:41 ~Kurt that’s actually how I type
21:08:53 ~Danny homelessness is magicClipboard02
21:09:08 ~Kurt I have a friend that did this exact same thing
21:09:15 ~Jason Your love is even creepier here, Spike.
21:09:17 ~Diceman87 Slept in a library?
21:09:26 ~Kurt Bobst Boy… look it up
21:09:35 ~Kurt He’s at IU now
21:09:52 ~Diceman87 Eight months in a library basement? Impressive
21:10:02 ~Dom hahaha oh yeah! I forgot Steve did that
21:10:18 ~Ben Turner I’m not sure I spent more than an hour in the library all four years at college. Yay, computer science major!
21:10:31 ~Danny truth to that
21:10:37 ~Kurt I don’t like them… too quiet
21:11:25 ~Danny is it weird that I like rarity more in this than in the actual show?
21:11:26 ~Jason okay, that got creepy fast
21:11:40 ~Ben Turner Eh, dogs hump legs all the time. 😛
21:11:56 ~Kurt yeah… I’m coolish with it when it is pony and dragon for some reason…
21:12:16 ~Kurt yeah!
21:12:23 ~Kurt that’s awesome
21:12:37 ~Diceman87 To get serious for a moment, I do appreciate them including this subplot about cyberbullying.Clipboard03
21:12:40 ~Diceman87 also dat AJ face
21:12:41 ~Ben Turner Pinkie doing that “It’s pretty bad!” voice is great.
21:13:28 ~Jason Rarity’s hair makes way more sense on a human face.
21:14:27 ~Danny I just think she’s a more likeable character here than she is in the show
21:14:28 ~Jason Yeah, the cyberbullying subplot that even involves clandestine videos token on mobile phones gets real pretty fast.
21:14:35 ~Ben Turner Sunset Shimmer is best hacker.
21:14:52 ~Ben Turner Though in real life the epic hacker calls himself Pinkie Pie.
21:15:15 ~Danny I do want to see more of SS. I really like that character
21:15:19 ~Diceman87 Twilight Sparkle: +10 Diplomacy skill
21:15:19 ~Kurt does the tech theme carry through?
21:15:33 ~Danny actually it kinda does
21:15:55 ~Diceman87 Kurt- It pops up again in a little bit
21:16:06 ~Diceman87 *sick guitar riffs
21:16:13 ~Jason Dash is channeling some serious Mario StrikersClipboard05
21:17:08 ~Ben Turner Tabitha is great at those sorts of expressions.
21:17:23 ~Danny still having trouble with that whole 2 legs thing
21:18:10 ~Danny cake barista is awesome
21:18:13 ~Ben Turner I’d consider trying to cosplay him because it’d be so easy and I’m too lazy for real cosplay, but I can’t find just the right eurotrashy jacket.
21:18:17 ~Diceman87 lip bites. Lip bites everywhere
21:18:35 ~Diceman87 Ben- don’t forget the copious amounts of hair gel
21:18:53 ~Ben Turner Yeah, I could either dye or do a wig.
21:18:53 ~Danny thats a ballsy move. angry fans might swarm you
21:19:01 ~Kurt More Pon3!
21:19:11 ~Ben Turner To date all I’ve bothered to do is a Starfleet uniform at DragonCon.
21:19:34 ~Ben Turner YES. Basically every brony wants to buy these, but no one is making and selling them.
21:19:42 ~Kurt why is it not pwn3
21:19:55 ~Ben Turner And now we get the BEST song.Clipboard06
21:19:58 ~Diceman87 Kurt- it is now. I’m totally going to use that
21:20:07 ~Diceman87 and yes, Ben- Best song
21:20:10 ~Dom highlight of the movie for me
21:20:10 ~Danny agreed, best song
21:20:20 ~Kurt I’m expecting a lot now…
21:21:03 ~Ben Turner Great choreography, too. Someone on a board suggested flash mobbing this. I’d LOVE to see that.
21:21:11 ~Danny this lingered in my head for a good week afterwards
21:21:13 ~Diceman87 I’d flash mob it
21:21:29 ~Jason PON3 HAS EYES
21:21:46 ~Danny careful, don’t start a flame wat
21:21:50 ~Dom this is what Girl’s Generation videos would be like if I could speak Korean
21:21:52 ~Danny war*
21:21:56 ~Jason SARANGHAE, DOM!
21:22:43 ~Kurt breakdown
21:22:52 ~Kurt 2
21:22:53 ~Kurt 3
21:22:53 ~Kurt 4
21:22:55 ~Jason I guess Twi has had breasts the whole time, but they were especially obvious to me just now, and it was weird.
21:23:08 ~Diceman87 Yeah- just wait till they get prom dresses
21:23:24 ~Ben Turner They performed this song at BronyCon, and it was epic. You can find video of it on Everfree Network.
21:23:40 ~Danny yes, it was wonderful
21:24:15 ~Danny and way more popular than I expected, from all the hate the movie got
21:24:33 ~Ben Turner See, I feel like most of the hate was BEFORE people saw it.
21:24:46 ~Ben Turner Nearly everyone (who actually did see it) seemed to like it.
21:25:06 ~Diceman87 This is probably the weakest part of the film, sadly. Luna deserved betterClipboard07
21:25:08 ~Danny agreed, a lot of then turned around when they saw it, but thre’s still a lot of opposition
21:25:11 ~Kurt I like that that is how they combine photos
21:25:22 ~Dom absolutely Luna was lame in is
21:25:40 ~Jason Luna and Celestia both seem sorta lame so far, to be honest
21:25:45 ~Diceman87 Here’s a problem…and here’s the solution!
21:25:48 ~Kurt luna and celestia are basically the same person
21:25:58 ~Danny they’ve never done well with Luna in the show… I mean seriously.. one episode?
21:26:02 ~Ben Turner Yes, Diceman. I didn’t notice this until it was pointed out, but that’s a weak point of the movie.
21:26:09 ~Ben Turner Nearly every problem that comes up is solved in 2 minutes.
21:26:16 ~Diceman87 Yeah…
21:26:21 ~Ben Turner I wish I hadn’t seen that pointed out; I’d have liked the movie even more. 😛
21:26:32 ~Kurt f* that spike!
21:26:50 ~Danny pinkie the wizard appears
21:27:00 ~Kurt twilight is gunna end up in a home when that comes out
21:27:20 ~Ben Turner This is how she breaks the 4th wall all the time – all the Pinkies in all the universes are connected.
21:27:35 ~Kurt boom… deadpool
21:28:03 ~Ben Turner gah indeed
21:28:29 ~Diceman87 I mean, talking dog is pretty good evidence
21:28:30 ~Danny best rarity line… ever
21:28:38 ~Dom Little does Rarity knows, when Spike transforms, “behind his ears” becomes his taint…
21:28:39 ~Diceman87 If only, Pinkie…
21:28:44 ~Ben Turner Yeah, people thought it was weird they believed this, but…talking dog.
21:28:58 ~Kurt fluttershy…
21:29:00 ~Jason i want a party cannon. Or a party canon.
21:29:13 ~Danny yay…
21:29:34 ~Ben Turner AJ: stronger than two football players.
21:29:43 ~Kurt dayum
21:30:01 ~Danny earth ponies are strong bro… =O
21:30:23 ~Diceman87 Is his cutie mark…the square root of Love?Clipboard08
21:30:34 ~Diceman87 the guy who was on the ladder
21:30:39 ~Ben Turner Yeah, I think he’s the Randall Munroe humanpony.
21:30:39 ~Kurt sure was
21:30:42 ~Danny looked like it
21:30:53 ~Diceman87 Thats…deep man
21:31:00 ~Diceman87 Yep
21:31:20 ~Anon Yay Randall Munroe reference
21:31:38 ~Kurt indeed…
21:31:50 ~Danny fun tidbit. if we assume that every character has their cutie mark on their clothes, we actually see Appleblooms mark back in the library scene
21:31:51 ~Ben Turner This song comes up again later with different lyrics. I hope there’s one long version somewhere….
21:32:07 ~Jason it needs to be 20% more butch, okayClipboard09
21:32:39 ~Kurt rainbow dash does always dress in style
21:32:40 ~Danny there are versions on youtube that combine them
21:32:55 ~Ben Turner Butch? Nah, this song is one of those things that make me feel like a girl, and I’m okay with that.
21:33:01 ~Danny pretty sure you can even download the audio
21:33:12 ~Kurt I think that was directed to Dash’s first dress
21:33:20 ~Ben Turner Oh, I thought he meant the song. 😛
21:33:36 ~Ben Turner Well, my comment stands. And yeah, I went there.
21:33:41 ~Danny me? I did mean the song
21:33:52 ~Ben Turner Scootaloo chicken dance!
21:34:03 ~Kurt rarity strange-ass dance
21:34:30 ~Diceman87 also flank-tap between diamond tiara and silver spoon
21:34:31 ~Ben Turner RD’s dancing was pretty hot though. And I’m right back to being glad I’m a dude. 😛Clipboard11
21:35:04 ~Kurt NOOO!
21:35:07 ~Jason NOOOOOOOOOO
21:35:09 ~Ben Turner ok, who’s buffering?
21:35:17 ~Ben Turner I almost typed buggering…
21:35:18 ~Diceman87 sorry- looked like me 🙁
21:35:32 ~Diceman87 Trixie- needs them peanut butter crackers
21:35:37 ~Ben Turner It’s hammer time!
21:35:42 ~Danny our big tv just skipped like 15 seconds of movie, no worried tho, I know what happened =)
21:35:55 ~Kurt gallagher that dragon!Clipboard12
21:36:47 ~Danny she transitions to saying hands so easily
21:36:51 ~Ben Turner wubface. ^3^
21:37:15 ~Danny girlfight!
21:37:24 ~Ben Turner All that to win the thing, and they just get into a fistfight for it….
21:37:58 ~Diceman87 This couldn’t possibly go wrong
21:38:00 ~Ben Turner Super-Saiyan Sunset Shimmer!
21:38:03 ~Kurt that’s the perfect “throw shit around” scene
21:38:21 ~Danny kinda weird how it only goes all magical on her, now on twilight
21:38:24 ~Kurt teen titans!
21:38:25 ~Diceman87 I didn’t notice before- she was crying there
21:38:44 ~Danny yeah, I really liked the evaporating tears
21:38:54 ~Danny gives a hint at the raw power there
21:38:57 ~Jason she just turned into Demona?Clipboard14
21:39:10 ~Kurt that’s interesting…
21:39:16 ~Danny love the gargoyles tie in
21:39:31 ~Diceman87 Wilhelm! No!
21:39:39 ~Kurt !!!
21:40:03 ~Danny teenage zombie army vs royal equestrian guard, odds?
21:40:11 ~Jason SPOILER ALERT!
21:40:22 ~Ben Turner There only appear to be about 10 royal guards, though. 😛
21:40:41 ~Kurt there’s all sorts of security in equestria
21:40:48 ~Kurt but… you know… thumbs
21:40:49 ~Anon armor and swords versus “fleshy bipeds” was it?
21:41:03 ~Diceman87 Time to triumph over evil- and that means you!
21:41:11 ~Ben Turner Super-Saiyan Mane Six! 😛
21:41:28 ~Diceman87 I like to think of them more as the Sailor Ponies
21:41:33 ~Danny just gonna get this out of the way…. the ears totally do it for me
21:41:34 ~Anon when your powers combine…
21:41:36 ~Ben Turner Yeah, that works, too.
21:41:41 ~Kurt HEART!Clipboard16
21:41:52 ~Jason SEEERA MUUUUUN
21:41:55 ~Diceman87 Kinda sad Rarity didn’t get a horn, but it would’ve looked wierd
21:42:03 ~Kurt poort Mati… nobody actually needed him
21:42:12 ~Ben Turner Yeah, I dig the ears, too.
21:42:13 ~Danny also really digging the wings
21:42:23 ~Dom the magic, of research!
21:42:37 ~Danny interesting too how this movie really softens the hit we took in S4 opener
21:42:58 ~Anon I feel like the fact that every problem is resolved exactly the same way is going to hurt the longevity of this show…
21:43:03 ~Danny seems they don’t even need the elements to do this ranbow doom cannon
21:43:18 ~Anon rolling bombaa!
21:43:23 ~Diceman87 Good point, Danny.
21:43:35 ~Ben Turner Love how even human Rainbow immediately takes to flying.
21:43:49 ~Jason lol, we just said that
21:43:50 ~Kurt and twilight still doesn’t do it…
21:43:55 ~Kurt I think she forgets…
21:44:12 ~Kurt LOL
21:44:41 ~Danny ignore him, he’s an IMPOSTER
21:44:58 ~Diceman87 He’s gonna have bleeding lips if he keeps biting them
21:45:12 ~Danny WOO!
21:45:15 ~Diceman87 this had me d’awwwing
21:45:15 ~Kurt big mac with the running man!
21:45:16 ~Danny scootadash
21:45:26 ~Ben Turner Yay, Twilight’s awful dance.
21:45:30 ~Dom i ship scootadash hard AFClipboard18
21:45:59 ~Danny plus vinyl and photo, with a gangnm dance in the background
21:46:02 ~Ben Turner Sunset Shimmer is best…mason?
21:46:16 ~Kurt in detention/labor camp
21:46:16 ~Anon this is a strange high school
21:46:35 ~Jason So who killed this world’s Twi? Pinkie?
21:46:35 ~Kurt still not flying
21:46:40 ~Anon I’m pretty sure that if I had ever intentionally blown stuff up, they’d have pressed charges
21:46:43 ~Ben Turner She lives in “the city”, remember?
21:46:54 ~Diceman87 This world’s Twi never became celestia’s Student, so she’s probably a shut-in in the city
21:46:58 ~Danny the twilight here lives in a different city
21:46:59 ~Jason That’s what Pinkie TOLD US.
21:47:08 ~Ben Turner heh
21:47:10 ~Diceman87 0_0
21:47:25 ~Kurt nice
21:47:31 ~Kurt hands….
21:47:53 ~Kurt oooh….
21:48:01 ~Ben Turner Here comes Pinkie getting knowledge from her other selves again….
21:48:08 ~Kurt strange that the new guy gets the gold armorClipboard15
21:48:13 ~Diceman87 Cadance’s face there…and Twilight’s reaction…priceless
21:48:19 ~Kurt lol
21:48:28 ~Ben Turner And she gets the last line of the movie with that bit.
21:48:30 ~Anon what’s a guitar?
21:48:43 ~Ben Turner Hey, if they have cellos, why not guitars?
21:48:45 ~Diceman87 now, stick around
21:48:47 ~Ben Turner Oh, stay for the credits.
21:48:52 ~Dom YES STAY
21:48:52 ~Kurt lol
21:48:54 ~Kurt of course
21:49:02 ~Ben Turner I was glad to be able to advise fellow bronies of that the 2nd and 3rd times I saw it in theaters. 🙂
21:49:05 ~Danny derpy was in the cafeteria scene too, just barely though
21:49:08 ~Jason no guitars because they have lyres!
21:49:11 ~Diceman87 And yes- Sunset Shimmer’s VA was Twilight’s singing voice
21:49:28 ~Diceman87 Ben- you are a good soul for that
21:49:33 ~Ben Turner One of them was wearing a D
21:49:38 ~Ben Turner Derpy t-shirt; I had to!
21:49:49 ~Danny there were about 80 of us when i saw it. it was really awesome
21:49:51 ~Dom wearing a D…
21:49:56 ~Jason so when you watched it the theater, what was the brony proportion?
21:50:00 ~Danny I’ve never seen a crown go crazy like that before
21:50:07 ~Ben Turner Yeah, who puts shift and enter next to each other, honestly?
21:50:29 ~Dom Give her the D you are wearing
21:50:31 ~Ben Turner Bronies were a non-negligible presence, but NOT a majority, each time I saw it.
21:50:41 ~Danny theater I went to did something kinda… clever? they had 2 showings and put all the kids in one, and all the bronies in the other
21:50:46 ~Jason Howabout by mass?
21:50:53 ~Diceman87 There she is!
21:50:59 ~Danny so there were about 80 of us and only about 2 families down in th front
21:50:59 ~Ben Turner Well, there were parents with the kids, so probably not by mass, either.
21:51:03 ~Kurt MUFFINS!!
21:51:04 ~Dom muffinnnnnnnnnnns
21:51:04 ~Jason MUFFINSClipboard13
21:51:16 ~Dom haha we didn’t even plan that
21:51:21 ~Diceman87 suuuure
21:51:34 ~Jason well, that was fun.
21:51:47 ~Ben Turner Yeah, how did all of you seeing it for the first time like it?
21:51:51 ~Anon so, y’all get good data from that?
21:51:53 ~Diceman87 it was. Thank you very much for the invitation!
21:51:59 ~Jason it doesn’t seem like all that big a deal…did people get mad about it?
21:52:01 ~Danny theres a ton of interesting stuff going on if you care to look at it a little deeper =)
21:52:07 ~Anon I’m still not clear on the subject of this research
21:52:17 ~Ben Turner Everyone got mad about the idea of it – but most who took the time to see it ended up liking it.
21:52:34 ~Danny I loved the idea from the outset, and the movie did not disappoint
21:52:37 ~Jason The research is a long-term ethnographic project.
21:52:47 ~Danny I was happy immediartely, and I think everyone else with me was too
21:53:02 ~Kurt ah. I dug it… music was nice
21:53:10 ~Ben Turner In fairness, the first trailer looked terrible, too. The second one (only about a week before the release) looked much better, though.
21:53:11 ~Jason It involves a methodology called participant-observation — which means we do what people in the fandom do…but then we sit and think about it.
21:54:09 ~Diceman87 I enjoyed the film, though I do feel that it tried to squeeze too many subplots in with the time they had. Another 30 minutes would’ve done wonders for the Flash Sentry and Luna scene
21:54:15 ~Jason Yeah, music was fun, and it’s interesting to see what are the “essential” features of the characters that were brought over and then anthropomorphized.
21:54:40 ~Jason 30 more minutes or less steps to the resolution would have helped immensely
21:54:47 ~Kurt Yeah… I had to suspend quite a bit of doubt before watching it, but giving it a fair chance, I dug it
21:54:48 ~Ben Turner I agree, Jason. They did a really great job (this was mentioned on a DVD special feature) of making them the SAME characters, just human.
21:54:52 ~Danny at the writers panel at bronycon they said the movie was inspired from brony fanart
21:55:27 ~Jason There were also a bunch of Monster High comparisons at the time, right?
21:55:28 ~Danny hasbro noticed a TON of anthro pony stuff, so they decided to give it a shot
21:55:49 ~Diceman87 Jason- yes, I recall Monster High being cited as the target aesthetic
21:55:50 ~Danny nah, but the fandom loves to take these characters and put them in anime settings as people
21:55:52 ~Kurt Yeah, it was very interesting… I’m curious about how light they made Luna…
21:55:55 ~Diceman87 no source, sadly. Just the rumor mill
21:55:56 ~Ben Turner I missed that part of the panel, Danny (I think I was on the con plushie line); that’s really interesting.
21:56:12 ~Ben Turner Andy Price had said that, I think at Big Apple Ponycon, and a lot of people didn’t believe it.
21:56:23 ~Kurt that’s cool
21:56:31 ~Jason Andy Price had said wait?
21:56:35 ~Danny well just watching the movie its hard not to get the impression that it was made for us
21:56:36 ~Jason *what
21:56:44 ~Danny there are so many insidejokes and nods to bronies
21:56:49 ~Ben Turner He’d said that Hasbro got the idea because of so much brony art of the ponies as humans.
21:57:03 ~Jason nah, it’s way too light to be made especially for bronies
21:57:09 ~Jason the inside jokes are many but still periphery
21:57:26 ~Kurt the nods are there though
21:57:29 ~Diceman87 For sure. I don’t think they’ll ever make an official product specifically for bronies. And I, for one, hope they don’t
21:57:35 ~Jason me neither
21:57:39 ~Danny well they have to keep it to the target demo, bt they did a lot of stuff they didn’t have to
21:57:51 ~Ben Turner Agreed. I can’t imagine it going well if they did.
21:58:00 ~Kurt I appreciate the nods they give to the fandom
21:58:29 ~Diceman87 Part of what I really like about the franchise is that it can appeal to anypony- that universal quality. But I for sure love the little nods here and there.
21:58:30 ~Jason Yeah, it’s true with Transformer stuff too. Like beyond keeping Optimus and Bumblebee, no other “legacy” character really needs to be kept around, but Hasbro does it for the adult fans.
21:58:42 ~Danny yeah I’d probably hate anything targeted specifically at bronies. I love the show for its lighthearted nature and innocence just the way it is
21:59:30 ~Diceman87 Jason- Exactly. When I saw Wasp in Transformers Animated I couldn’t believe it. It’s truly the unexpected, little things that make being a fan so fun ^_^
21:59:30 ~Jason But more than brony targeting, this movie feels pretty stand alone, period.
21:59:49 ~Jason (which is for the best, i imagine)
21:59:53 ~Danny its definitely a one off, but it really helps inform season 4
22:00:07 ~Jason Yeah, Kurt still needs to see S4
22:00:14 ~Danny SHAME
22:00:17 ~Kurt I’m working on it….
22:00:21 ~Ben Turner Go for it. S4 has started off really strong.
22:00:21 ~Diceman87 Oh…oh my. You will not be disappointed.
22:00:29 ~Anon youtube is a magical place, man
22:00:37 ~Diceman87 I hope our comments earlier weren’t too spoilery
22:00:39 ~Kurt I’ll be caught up tomorrow
22:01:22 ~Jason I think he’ll live
22:01:26 ~Kurt you’re cool… I’m already working my way through the episodes that are out, just not caught up
22:01:45 ~Danny well there’s only 3 of them… =)
22:01:49 ~Anon there’s only three man
22:01:59 ~Jason Well, we appreciate you all joining us
22:02:05 ~Anon les total time than this movie was
22:02:14 ~Diceman87 Thank you for having us!
22:02:25 ~Kurt I know… gotta see 2 and 3 tomorrow
22:02:27 ~Danny ansolutely this was fun
22:02:35 ~Anon got forth, brothers, and bring back PhDs
22:02:36 ~Ben Turner It was fun; I don’t join livestreams so usually just sit with my wife to watch, but this was good.
22:02:49 ~Ben Turner Helps that I’d seen it before – first watching of anything I like zero distractions. 🙂
22:02:57 ~Diceman87 Also- Best of luck with your conference prep!
22:02:59 ~Kurt It was… my first livestream
22:03:04 ~Kurt Thankya!
22:03:09 ~Danny ya, this was 5th or 6th for me, not really sure
22:03:27 ~Jason Yeah, well, maybe we’ll livestream S4 E4 onward or something…I’ve been thinking about it
22:03:32 ~Danny keep coming back though, this stuff is like crack
22:03:34 ~Kurt it’s more just waiting for now… see if they like us even though the abstract basically says their theme sucks
~Anon has left the room
22:04:09 ~Ben Turner Cool. I’m signing off; see y’all on the blog. 🙂
22:04:19 ~Kurt thanks a lot! Later
22:04:31 ~Danny I’m with ben on this, when I watch for the first time I do it in isolation, I want to absorb it all with no distractions
22:04:32 ~Jason Ray Browne is a pretty chill conference. I’d like to get a paper submitted to the American Folklore Society conference or maybe the American Anthropology Association conference next year.
22:04:52 ~Diceman87 Jason- on that note, have you all sat in on a livestreamed episode, first time it airs, for purposes of your study?
~Ben Turner has left the room
22:04:52 ~Jason See ya Ben!
22:05:09 ~Kurt not yet… great idea though
22:05:12 ~Jason not yet…I hear the writer’s livetweeting tmrw?
22:05:26 ~Danny well… saturday, but yes
22:05:28 ~Jason er, Saturday…
22:05:28 ~Diceman87 They did that for the last episode as well. I hope they continue the trend
22:05:42 ~Jason yeah, it’d be interesting to follow
22:05:45 ~Diceman87 If there was ever any doubt that they were reaching out to the brony fandom…
22:06:09 ~Danny anyhow, we’re gonna go watch naruto so ima go. if you guys wanna talk about the movie any more hit me up. there really is a lot more going on than what you see on the surface
22:06:29 ~Kurt I love stuff under surfaces…
22:06:37 ~Danny oh hey… how many of you are researchers anyway?
22:06:38 ~Jason yeah…we need to process and then I might watch again, and then see what people say about it.
22:06:52 ~Danny like.. were Ben and I the only outside fans here?
22:06:54 ~Diceman87 I think I will be taking my leave as well. A pleasure chatting with you all!
22:07:00 ~Diceman87 I’m an outside fan
22:07:02 ~Jason the project is me and Kurt. Dom’s a grad student too, but he’s apparently just here for shits and giggles
22:07:15 ~Danny cool, glad there were at least a few of us
22:07:15 ~Kurt It’s been nice. Thanks!
~Diceman87 has left the room
22:07:26 ~Jason Yeah, Thanks y’all!
22:07:50 ~Danny ah grad students… same boat here, at least for another few monts
22:08:00 ~Danny anyhow, see ya round, thanks for the movie
22:08:03 ~Kurt what do you study?
22:08:15 ~Danny CS, focus on cyber security
22:08:27 ~Dom Yeah I’m the Scootaloo of this crowd
22:08:32 ~Kurt awesome.
22:08:34 ~Danny big switch from my last job at an aquarium
22:08:50 ~Kurt fish are pretty cool though
22:08:51 ~Danny and scootaloo is my favorite BTW
22:09:03 ~Danny has been ever since sleepless in ponyville
22:09:18 ~Danny oh fish are great, but fish people totally suck
22:09:33 ~Kurt that actually doesn’t surprise me one bit
22:09:38 ~Danny discussion for another time. a time after finals
22:09:58 ~Kurt indeed… shit’s crazy right now.


6 thoughts on “Equestria Girls Viewing Party Thoughts & Transcript

  1. If I didn’t have to work that day, I would have loved to have joined in.

    Overall, I found the film enjoyable, but with a number of niggling issues.
    I wasn’t one of those who preemptively hated it before watching it, but I did have concerns with all the info that was being given out before it hit theatres.

    I read through some of my old Equestria Daily comments that I wrote while it was all developing and the pattern that emerged was: I’m not too sure about this, but I’ll still give it a shot -> Yeah, I’m little concerned about this, but I’ll still give it a shot -> Okay, it’s looking a little better -> Yeah, it doesn’t look all that bad, but I’m still reserving final judgement until I actually see it.

    I did go to see it in theatres (twice, something I bring up whenever the film is brought up as part of my “feeding the beast”), first time with a meet up group. And it was fun. Sure, there was just the spectacle of seeing pony (or at least 10 minutes of it) on the big screen, but it was a good time. I liked the bit before the film where a guy bringing his young daughter to see it was happily surprised to see all of us there in our pony shirts. He even snapped a picture. The second time I saw it was just when I felt the need to see it again and there was only one more weekend left in it’s runtime at the theatre nearest me.

    I could copy and paste my actual review here, but it’s long. I spend quite a bit of time ragging on the things I didn’t like, but it’s balanced by an equally long section about what I did enjoy (somewhat interesting is that it was posted on Equestria Daily in two parts, negative first, then positive, and the negative section got a higher score). So, I’ll just say what I said above: I liked it, but there were a lot of issues I had with it.

    It’s definitely not my least favorite thing in the show (that “honor” belongs to the episode “Dragon Quest”), but it’s very high on my favorites either.

    Still, lots of things I did enjoy in it. I liked the humanized designs, particularly for the CMC, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch, “Principal” Celestia, and Sunset Shimmer. I liked Sunset Shimmer herself, although I feel that with her background as Celestia’s former student who was cast out due to her own arrogance, ambition, and greed that she’d have been a much antagonist for the show itself (this “wasted potential” is one of the things I had issue with). I liked the songs. The “Helping Twilight Win Her Crown” one stands out a bit for it being the one part of the film I enjoyed even more the second time I saw it (the rest stayed about the same). I also enjoyed Trixie’s little cameo (although I do admit that I think it’s really nothing more than blatant fanservice).

    I do have issue with the superfluous role of Flash Sentry. I’m with you on the shortness of the Luna scene and I think his role there would have been better filled by someone like the CMC, actually give them something plot relevant (although you could argue that their scene shows that Youtube exists in this universe and since it’s a part of Sunset’s plan to discredit Twilight…yeah I don’t buy it either).

    I’m fine with the overall “Canon-ness” of the film being “It happened, but we’re not going to bring it up”. That was kind of how I saw it to begin with. Keep it as a one shot special. Same goes for it’s use in the IDW comics (which it’s the basis for the 2013 Annual). Simple one shots that aren’t expanded upon too much.

    I still my want my Pony movie featuring actual Ponies though.

  2. D’aww you guys! That was a pretty fun evening, we should find a way to do it again.

    I’ve always been a bit of a lore hound, a trait that goes back all the way to the golden age of EverQuest, if anyone still remembers what that was. I figure that and the ‘absorption’ trait they talk about in Brony Study are probably why I search this stuff out so hard. I enjoy world building and MLP has done a better job of that than damn near any show I can remember. I wanna know everything about it.

    Like I said in the transcript, I like the movie as a one-off, though I wouldn’t mind if Twilight referenced something she learned over there in the regular show. They’re already joined by a shared continuity, and the events in the movie really help inform season 4, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable for some of the lessons to carry over like they do from episode to episode.

    There were definitely some problems, but in the larger scheme they were pretty minor. Luna and Celestia had basically nothing to do with the primary plot, so I don’t mind as much that they weren’t bigger players. Also have to keep in mid that Twilight is the only one who was ‘really’ herself. Everyone else, even the rest of the main 6, were bizarro world doppelgangers of themselves, so I’m willing to forgive a lot here.

    Mostly I thought it was in interesting idea that was executed pretty well. Plus it gives them an ace in the hole if they ever need it. I’m not saying it would be a good idea, but they’ve canonized transdimensional travel and have a portal just chilling in a castle. Personally, I think that’s an incredibly powerful plot device with tons of possibility provided it’s used responsibly. Plus it makes ‘way’ more sense than magic comic books… ugh.

    Besides, you thought it was cute how Twilight had to learn to be a human? Imagine if things were reversed. How would the human versions react to being ponies? It would be adorable, dire consequences be damned!

  3. Man that was fun to read through but it makes me regret even more that I wasn’t there T-T. But yeah… Equestria Girls is something I’m definitely pretty iffy on. I went with a bunch of bronies at a meetup to see it, including Danny, and I had a blast with that. I definitely enjoyed the movie but I don’t think that it’s a good movie, and definitely not good for a first MLP;FiM movie. I’m not huge on heavily humanized versions of the ponies but like Jude said I was very much of the mindset that I wouldn’t judge it until I saw it.

    I basically think that they did the best job they probably could have with the concept and everything but I really hope they don’t do much more with the brand (But the relative success of the brand and the announcement of the Equestria Girls 2 novella makes that less likely to come true). There were definitely many problems with the movie such as the “photoshopped” pictures being brought up and resolved way too quickly, Sunset Shimmer’s forgiveness being really contrived, and Flash Sentry basically being unimportant, and snips and snails being… VERY OOC. However, I’m more than anything else amused by the problems and by no means “butt-hurt” (as the internet would say) or angry.

    I may have not liked some of the blatant fans service such as Trixie (who I really despise) but overall I’m pretty grateful for the movie. Having the movie, as mediocre as it was, was MUCH better than waiting without any official “show” content until season 4. It did bring up some of the concerns many had with the season 3 finale and helped deal with them somewhat such as Twilight flying and her concerns with being a princess. I did really like the designs of the human-versions of the mane 6 (minus the ponified versions they get when they face demon sunset shimmer) and the music and opening were fantastic in my opinion as well. I wish it was a higher quality movie and was entirely about the ponies as themselves but I’m pretty happy with how things turned out so far (it happened but won’t be referenced really). A lot of cool art and content was made around it including the surprisingly good 2013 Annual Comic and I’ve actually enjoyed the silly dancing mini-game in the cash-grab Gameloft game too (mostly because of the music but still =P). I understand and share many concerns about it but honestly people made way too big deal about it sometimes.

    1. The wild, whiplash-inducing oscillations of bronies and Hasbro/DHX reacting to each other over Equestria Girls have been hysterical.
      1. Bronies create lots of anthro/humanized fan art.
      2. Hasbro takes inspiration from that for a new toy line targeting older girls, while still leveraging MLP’s popularity.
      3. Bronies react that this will be The. Worst. Possible. Thing.
      4. Show staff backpedal a bit, saying things like, “Don’t worry; none of this will impact the series,” “None of these new characters appear in season 4,” etc.
      5. The movie comes out and the majority of bronies who see it really like it.
      6. Bronies everywhere are going, “Man, I wish we were going to see more of Sunset Shimmer!”
      I’m not saying Meghan, Jayson, or anyone at Hasbro or DHX made the choice not to have Sunset Shimmer or Flash Sentry or the like appear in season 4 because there’d been so much early negative reaction from the fans – I don’t know nearly enough about the show production process or timing to even guess at that – but the timing of things becoming public certainly gives that impression.
      Of course, this all came on the heels of Twilight becoming an alicorn, which the fandom freaked out over. And with EqG hitting before season 4 (though after the G.M.Berrow chapter book that takes place after Magical Mystery Cure) that was still a “fresh wound”. (Now a lot of people think season 4 – with alicorn Twilight – has so far been the best yet.)

      I mean, I totally understand that when people love something exactly as it is, they fear any change. This is pretty common to all sorts of fandoms. But man, you’d think by now more people would trust these creators who time and again produce work that we love.

    2. Virgilio, és capaz de ter razão. No entanto ressalvo que a minha apreciação ao Jeffren, e até a toda equipa, não tem nada a ver com a disponibilidade para o jogo mas sim com alguma precipitação. Julgo ser consensual que ele é capaz de fazer muito melhor.

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