Blog Tweaks – Post & Comment Subscriptions, Twitter & Facebook Presence, Sharing


Nothing super important here, but now that I’m back from India (I’ve been there since Nov. 15th), I’ve gotten a chance to check off some site stuff that I’ve been wanting to do:

  • Bug fixes. There were occasional error 500s. Those should no longer be a problem.
  • Post Subscriptions via email. You can now subscribe to new posts with the “Subscribe to Posts” widget box (on the right on the full site) and we’ll email you when new posts go up. You can also import our RSS feed wherever you’d like (like Feedly or Feedburner).
  • Comment Subscriptions. At the bottom of the comments, you can subscribe to the comments for an individual post by email. There is also a separate RSS feed for comments too.
  • Facebook and Twitter. I started Facebook and Twitter accounts for the blog. Gonna decide what to do with them later, but for now, they’ll definitely be ways to find out about new posts if you don’t like the email options above.

Glad to be back!


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